Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Q:  My old Margate Bridge card isn’t working anymore.  How can I get a new one?

A:  You can either stop by the JCC on Friday to swap the card for a new one or you can call the office at 609-965-5174 and we will mail you a new card.

Q:  What will I be able to do online?
You are able to sign up for auto-renewal, purchase or cancel cards/decals, replenish your account. You also have full access to your   
      account usage and balance.

Q:  If I deposit dollars into my account, how am I saving any money?
 With a Downbeach Express Pass you are now able to take advantage of the discounted toll rate of $1. 40

Q:  I replenished my account, but the number of trips has not increased. Why?
  The new system is designed to function as E-ZPass does. Your account will have a dollar balance on it, and each trip you make with your card will 
      charge your account $1.40. Once you use up the remaining numbered trips you currently have, you will be automatically switched over to the dollar 
      amount on your account. Your balance will no longer be displayed at the tollbooth, but will be available to you on demand by logging into your 
      account or printing a receipt at the tollbooth. You will also receive a low balance alert at the tollbooth when your account reaches $12.00.

Q:  What are my options for renewal and new package purchases?
You are now able to take advantage of the discounted toll rate with a $50.00 minimum payment into your account.

Q:  Will it still take up to 5 days for purchases and replenishments made online to reflect on my account?
No most purchases will reflect on your account within 24 hours.

Q:  Can I auto-renew?
Yes, for the first time we are offering you the ability to auto-renew your account.

Q:  How will I know if my balance is low?
A:  When your account reaches the low balance threshold (usually $12.00), you will receive a yellow light at the tollbooth where your low balance
      will be displayed. You will also receive an email from us if you have provided us with an email address.

Q:  Why should I purchase a Downbeach Express Pass? 
A:  In addition to the convenience of using the manned and automated lanes, bridge patrons who purchase and use a Downbeach Express Pass will
      enjoy discounted toll rates. Your account can be conveniently "replenished" with additional funds when needed, making it easy for you to enjoy the
      most convenient and best priced service Downbeach Express offers. 

Q:  Are there any options for Commercial Fleets? 
A:  Yes we offer commercial  vehicles a Decal which can be applied to the vehicle for use in the manned lanes only.  These decals can be used for all weight classes whereas the cards are for class 1 vehicles only.  Please contact us at (609)965-5174 for more information. 

Q:  What’s my login?
A:  If you have provided us with your email address previously, your login will be your email address. We will be emailing you to confirm your email 

      address is correct for use with the new system. If you have not provided us with an email address, you will need to do so at this time to have 
      online account access. Click HERE to update your account information.

Q.  Who should I contact if I have questions about my QTC account or anything else regarding this new program?

A.  Please email for more information, or you may call our HOTLINE at (609) 965-5174 on Monday - Friday from 
      9:00am - 4:00pm to receive additional information on the new Downbeach Express program.

Q:  What are the height/weight restrictions for travel
A:  There is a 12'2" height restriction and a 10 ton weight limit for travel on the Downbeach Express.

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